Terms Of Services

Service Definition
Satisfaction Guarantee
Accuracy Customer Profile
Use of Service
Treatment of Staff
Sanctions Violations
Limitation of Liability
Other things
Service regulations ("Agreement") ") is the terms and conditions that apply between Orbitbumi ("Orbitbumi") and the service users ("Customer" or "you").

PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY. By submitting registration applications and services using Orbitbumi, the Customer has stated that they agree to implement the entire agreement. Orbitbumi has the right to close accounts and discontinue service to the Customer without notice if the Customer violates this agreement, or we are suspicious that the Customer may bring an adverse impact on the Orbitbumi service, or Subscribers or another adverse party.

Orbitbumi has the right to make changes to this agreement and at anytime without prior notice to the Customer. The Customer is responsible to read this document from time to time so as to comply with the service agreement and to always comply with the regulations in this agreement.

By becoming a Subscriber to Orbitbumi, you declare that you are a competent and capable person responsible to the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

Service Definition

Orbitbumi provides Web Design, Hosting and Domains (Registration, Renewal, Transfer) with facilities and services as mentioned in the website Orbitbumi in
  • Webdesign
    Orbitbumi provides 2 design concepts (except promo website) to be chosen from, revised up to a maximum of two times (color, placement, text, logos, etc.) from one of the chosen design concepts.
    • An initial payment of 50%
    • Delivery of the content / website content
    • Making a website
    • Completion of the final stage and the remaining payment
    • Process improvement of the content (text & images) up to 2 times from the stage of completion of the web. If out of policy is specified, then it is the responsibility of the client / user.
  • Hosting
    We are providing services in the form of rental place to put the website & support services in connection with the rental in Orbitbumi. Subscribers obtain rights to use the services of Orbitbumi in accordance with a predetermined period of time that is stipulated in this agreement. Hosting Packages upgrade the capacity and are not subject to a surcharge in addition to the package price difference.

  • Domain
    A Domain registered by a customer is temporarily under ownership, rather than under permanent ownership. By registering or renewing a domain, customers acquire the right to use the domain for the duration of time that has been registered.

    Each new domain registration will be processed as soon as possible after payment is received and Orbitbumi can't guarantee that the desired domain will still be available under any circumstances. If the desired domain name is not available it can't be processed by Orbitbumi, the Customer has the right to change the new domain name or a payment is returned or converted to Credit.

    Payments made by the Customer for a domain, whether for registration, renewal, transfer or other reasons, cannot be returned.

  • Technical Support
    Technical Support Services (Support) is a service / technical assistance provided to the Live Chat, Email or telephone (in emergencies). Every customer has the right to use the service request for Orbitbumi Support as long as it includes matters relating to the products / services of Orbitbumi, which does not include:
    • training or teaching, for example how to use CMS orbitbumi
    • make changes or upload data / files Subscribers;
    • learn or improve the script / program;
Satisfaction Guarantee

If the customer is not satisfied with the service of Orbitbumi Hosting they receive a satisfaction guarantee in the form of refunds / payment that has been paid to Orbitbumi. This warranty is only valid for 30 days from the initial customer order from Orbitbumi Hosting service. Filing money back is done by sending an email to and accompanied by the bank name, bank account numbers and the account holder name.

This warranty does not apply to all transactions relating to the Domain. Especially for a hosting package that includes free domain, refunds will be minus the cost of the domain.


Service Fees to be paid by the Customer are in accordance with the agreed amount between the Customer and Orbitbumi.

The Customer shall make payment confirmation after making a payment by filling in the required information correctly & accurately, without exception. Orbitbumi assumes no responsibility for the consequences of payments without any confirmation and it is the entire responsibility of the customer. Confirmation Payment is made via telephone or e-mail.

Invoice Letters & Receipts will be sent in the form of an email to the Customer email addresses and acts as an official letter from Orbitbumi, therefore the Customer shall complete, modify, and update your email address so that customers can always be reached via email. Orbitbumi will also serve the requests of all sorts of letters in printed form on paper or hardcopy. Payments are made in Indonesia Rupiah (Rp) and can be done by making deposits into bank accounts listed on the invoice or on the website Orbitbumi.

Bills will be mailed within 14 days before the due date. Customer shall make payment based on the amount of the bill no later than the deadline specified. Delay in payment of bills of more than 7 days will cause temporary suspension of service until the Customer pays off the entire bill.

In the event of late payment of more than 7 days from the due date, then Orbitbumi has the right to close customer accounts and delete all customer data without prior notice. The Customer remains obliged to pay all unpaid bills even if your account has been closed for any offense or other reason.

Accuracy Customer Profile

The Customer must enroll by filling out the form provided either online and offline by Orbitbumi. At the time of registration Orbitbumi will ask Customers to provide information; such as email, username, password, which will be used to access services provided by Orbitbumi. The Customer hereby declares [deleted] and agrees that it is the responsibility of the Customer to maintain the confidentiality of such data. For any reason, Orbitbumi will not be liable for misuse of such information.

The Customer shall provide and update the data profile with complete, correct and accurate information for use by Orbitbumi services from time to time. Customer negligence in providing or updating information is the responsibility of the Customer. The Customer shall cooperate to verify the truth of the profile data if necessary. Orbitbumi has the right to refuse / stop the service if the customer profile data was not correct [deleted].

Use of Service

Subscribers are prohibited from using the service Orbitbumi to post, send, put, display, run and or conduct other matters that are similar in any way related to:
  • things that are against the law in the Republic of Indonesia or other countries;
  • discredit or insult Tribe, Religion, Race and Inter-group (SARA) specific;
  • things that are immoral and pornographic, including but not limited to movies, videos, pictures, photographs, songs, sound recordings or writings;
  • things that can lead to political conflict;
  • information theft, hacking, cracking and the like;
  • material that is piracy / plagiarism among others including but not limited to, songs, movies, computer programs and other support programs (warez, cracks, etc.) and anything else that violates the provisions of copyright law Intellectual Property Rights (IPR);
  • script / program IRC, Mail Bomb, Trolling, Sniffer, Trojans, or Distributed DOS tools, exploit security holes, scanners, Proxy, Auto Surf;
  • SPAM in any form, such as email SPAM, SPAM Comments, Forum SPAM, and so on;
  • Investment program or "get rich quick without effort", Scam, Money Game or similar with HYIP, Pyramid Scheme, Chain Letter, Forex;
  • things that harm others;

The Customer shall not use the account to provide services and services to other parties related to:

  • all forms of hosting and / or domains, sub-domains, add-on domains, domain park without permission from Orbitbumi;
  • email facilities such as POP3, WebMail, Autoresponder, Email Forwarding, .etc ;

Treatment of Staff

The Customer is strictly prohibited from deliberately treating the staff of Orbitbumi poorly by harassing, insulting, swearing of any kind; providing information that is not true in the service process with the intention of misleading / trap Orbitbumi staff to do things, and force / persuade staff Orbitbumi to act outside of the service agreement.

Sanctions Violations

Orbitbumi reserves the right to terminate the services either temporarily or permanently if Orbitbumi feels that the Customer is:
in violation of the Agreement;
overwhelming the resources associated with the performance of servers, networks, Memory (RAM), CPU (processor) and so on;
interfering with the services provided by Orbitbumi;
interfering with activities of other customers in the server;
conducting suspicious behavior that disrupts or otherwise violates the Agreement;

Termination of services can be done without prior notice depending on the case and the impact of the violations.

Service usage rules violations may result in a penalty which is fully determined by [deleted] Orbitbumi and depends on the violation and the harm caused.

Limitation of Liability

For any reason, Orbitbumi is not responsible for any type of loss, either directly or indirectly, to the Customer or other parties due to disconnection of service by Orbitbumi, the contents of the website customers, data stored on the server Orbitbumi or other matters that Orbitbumi cannot control such as changes in government regulations, mother nature disasters and wars.

Other things

If the Customer or others who find a violation of the Agreement by either Customer or Orbitbumi, please notify Orbitbumi via email to and provide the appropriate evidence.